Alphabets, Texts and Artifacts in the Ancient near East

Alphabets, Texts and Artifacts in the Ancient near East Studies presented to Benjamin Sass

Israel Finkelstein, Christian Robin, Thomas Römer, eds.

Table of Contents

Introduction, p. 1

Angelika Berlejung
New Life, New Skills and New Friends in Exile: The Loss and Rise of Capitals of the Judeans in Babylonia, p. 12

Baruch Brandl
Rakibʼil and “Kubaba of Aram” at Ördekburnu and Zincirli and New Observations on Kubaba at Zincirli, Carchemish and Ugarit
, p.47

Osnat Misch-Brandl
A New Perspective on the Ivory Pyxis from the Fosse Temple at Lachish, p.

Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet
Inscriptions de prestige et écriture du quotidien : le corpus épigraphique en hébreu ancien au miroir de son contexte ouest-sémitique, p.

Alexander Fantalkin
Was There a “Greek Renaissance” in 7th Century BCE Philistia?, p.

Israel Finkelstein
Historical-Geographical Observations on the Ehud-Eglon Tale in Judges, p. 100

Iwona Gajda
Un gobelet à libation de l’Arabie du Sud, p.

Orly Goldwasser
From the Iconic to the Linear—The Egyptian Scribes of Lachish and the Modification of the Early Alphabet in the Late Bronze Age, p.

David Ilan
The Life and Times of an Ivory Handle of the Second Millennium BCE: A Tale of Prestige and Demise
, p. 161

Othmar Keel
Unheilige „Heilige Schriften“, p.

Axel E. Knauf
Israelite Inscriptions Published as Moabite, p. 189

André Lemaire
The Kuntillet ’Ajrud Inscriptions Forty Years After Their Discovery
, p. 196

Aren M. Maeir and Louise A. Hitchcock
“And the Canaanite was then in the Land”? A Critical View of the “Canaanite Enclave” in Iron I Southern Canaan, p.

Joachim Marzahn
Betrifft: Letternstempel, p.

Yossi Maurey and Amir S. Fink
Putting the Seal on Ma’adana: A Case of Forgery and Its Ramifications, p.

Alan Millard
Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions: Their Distribution and Significance
, p. 270

Tallay Ornan
The Beloved, Ne’ehevet, and Other Does: Reflections on the Motif of Grazing or Browsing Wild Horned Animals
, p. 279

Ronny Reich
The Jerusalem Market in the Late Second Temple Period, p. 303

Christian Julien Robin and Maria Gorea
L’alphabet de Himà (Arabie séoudite)
, p. 310

Christopher Rollston
The Equation of Biblical Pharaoh “Shishak” with Pharaoh Ramesses II: A Philological and Epigraphic Dismantling of Egyptologist David Rohl’s Proposal
, p. 376

Thomas Römer
L’énigme de ‘Ashtar-Kemosh dans la stèle de Mesha, p. 385

Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault and Olivier Rouault
A View from the Bridge: Notes About the Assyrian Empire Economic System, as Seen from Tell Masaikh (Lower Syrian Middle Euphrates Valley), p. 395

Michael Sebbane
Ceremonial and Ritual Maces in the Temples of the Ancient Near East, and the Nature of the Hoard from Nahal Mishmar
, p. 421

Arie Shaus, Barak Sober, Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin, Anat Mendel-Geberovich, Eli Piasetzky and Eli Turkel
Facsimile Creation: Review of Algorithmic Approaches
, p. 474

Christoph Uehlinger
Learning by Doing—Distinguishing Different Hands at Work in the Drawings and Paintings of Kuntillet ’Ajrud
, p. 489

Ralf-B. Wartke
Das Uruk-Kultgefäss aus technischer Sicht
, p. 512

Ran Zadok
Neo- and Late-Babylonian Notes, p. 520

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